I don’t even know when she came to this world, but Daisy became, in not even three months, the star in my sky and my every day wonder. When I found her and her brothers they just opened their eyes and she was the smallest and most fragile little bun. I am talking about a little wonder of a calico kitten, with three different colours, and from that moment forward she took over my life.


Day after day, week after week, they took up my time, my four fantastics. Why four fantastics? Because that’s what they are for me: four fantastic kitties, who managed to survive, even if they hadn’t had a mother ever since they were almost two weeks old. I never believed that I would ever again be capable of loving this much another kitty, not after my dear Mitzi left my side after 12 and a half years spent together. I needed six long years since then to realize that this is all that it’s missing from my life: a furry baby, who is going to be a handful, who’s going to throw my life upside down, which makes me realize that I wake up every morning a better version of myself, who’ll make me the happiest cat mom and will bring me a fulfillment feeling.

Meanwhile, Daisy is growing up. I contemplate her full of wonder and every moment with her is an adventure. So I intend to document Daisy’s adventures and, who knows, maybe she’ll honor us with her presence in videos that I want to do in the future, on my channel:



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